FAQ Employers

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Can I select  the best candidates myself or do I have to buy your recruiting services

You can select the best candidates yourself. It is very easy. In case you need help from us, we are happy to help. Buy Employer SMRT* services. For a small fee per month, you have acces to your own recruiter.

What is '180 Degrees Feedback'

The '180 Degrees Feedback' comes with Employer PRO. '180 degrees feedback' allows you to have a periodic meeting with your employees to discuss their performances in your organization. Both you and your employee fill in the Competency-test. The employee always gets personal learning advice on what actions to take to grow professionally so that he can improve on his productivity. As an employer, you will build up a file with all the results so you can make documented decisions on promotions or salary raises.

Why do you offer Smrt.bio for free

We believe that Smrt.bio should be a utility that is available for all stakeholders on the labor market. The better the labor market can norganize itself, the more economic opportunities will be generated for the good of all people in the city. We hope (we truly hope!) that employers are willing to pay for the '180 Degrees Feedback' as this revenue is used to keep the platform alive. Thanks for supporting us!