FAQ Individual

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Can I connect my Smrt.bio with other Social Media

Yes, you can. You have to do this:

  • Open smart.bio
  • Go to Settings
  • Add your Social Media usernames and passwords

Can you help me to improve my Smrt.bio

Yes, we can. You can buy the Individual PRO services.

Do I have to fill in a new Smrt.bio for every time I apply for a job

No, there is no need to write long bio's anymore. During the application process, you will be asked to write a (short) motivation why you think you are the best candidate for the job - that's all!

Do you have an app for my phone or tablet

The app will wait for a while. The main reason: it costs a lot (a lot!) to develop really good apps. We think we can spend that money better in a good web application that works on almost every mobile device. Also because we are still launching new features. In the meantime, you can just pretend to have an app. This is what you can do:


For iOS and MacOS devices

  • Open the safari browser on iPhone and/ or iPad
  • Click the share button at the bottom
  • Then click 'Add to Home' or 'Add to Home Screen'
  • Enter the desired name for your App


For Android devices

  • Open the browser
  • Click the share button
  • Then click 'Add shortcut' or 'Add shortcut to home'
  • Enter the desired name for your App


For Windows devices

  • Open the browser
  • Internet Explorer, click on the share option (three dots of rectangle)
  • Select 'Attach Home' or 'Pin to Start'