Social Architecture

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labor market: Individual (green), Employer (blue), Education (orange) and Partner (grey). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. As a result, the interaction between the stakeholders will be much faster, better and cheaper. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself will generate new services and new economic opportunities for the good of all.


The demand-side

In the new economy, the constant in- and outflow of talents is becoming a major problem for most employers. For small SME companies, the constant in- and outflow of talents has an even bigger impact as they often lack an HR-infrastructure to support the selection process. 


The supply-side

The individual can enroll for free to get access to his own Smart Bio and to define his personal profile by making use of a set of tests (serious games). The results of these tests are used by our algorithm to present automatically the best vacancies or internships to every user. 


The development-side

Educational institutions can be any school or organization that is offering training, education, books, etc. to help people to grow. The algorithm within generates personal learning advice, helping every individual to stay agile.



Open source - open services

We used the Social Architecture to build the platform. We see great enthusiasm by other organizations that take on our platform to complement their own services. Our partners.

Social Impact

Everybody deserves a decent income

In every partnering city, we hire unemployed people for the SupportersDesk. We train and manage the team and ignite every Supporter to grow. The SupportersDesk is a Social Enterprise and delivers Social Impact, locally.

We are ready - almost

And we get closer every day

CockpitWork and Key Battle Framework are services we are working on. Ecorys, VU Amsterdam and JIIP are our partners in building services that have an Impact on Work.