Social Impact

Having an impact on work

The goal of is to create economic opportunities for every citizen in Europe. Our moonshot is to generate paid work for everybody for at least one day per week. We believe that every stakeholder should have the possibility to contribute - every individual, every employer, every educational institution and every partner including the public sector. The eco-system goes full-circle.

Focus on Jobs

Everybody deserves a decent income is convinced that everybody can contribute to the bigger picture - we leave nobody behind. We offer work opportunities in our SupportersDesk for unemployed people. We train and coach our Supporters so that they can find work elsewhere.

Focus on Micro SME

The engine for growth

In Europe, more than 90% of all employers are categorized as 'micro SME companies' employing 2-19 people. This group of employers often lacks an HR-infrastructure. We offer as a freemium service to all employers that join us.

Focus on Cities and Regions

A job for everybody

By becoming a partner in the project, the city is allowed to offer the Smart Bio for free to all citizens in the city. CockpitWork analyzes the labor market in your city to help policymakers to improve on making better decisions.

Strategy 'Labour 4.0'

Scalable, Agile and Inspired Labour

In the traditional definition of the labor market, the primary goal is to match people with job opportunities and to leave it from there. We call this: the linear approach. So far, limited innovation has been done on the labor market as a whole. In our project, we go full circle. We analyze what is going on in the market as a whole with our big data analysis tool CockpitWork. The learnings from this exercise are being used in Key Battle Framework. The aim is to generate new economic opportunities for the good of all. We follow this logic to be able to mobilize all talents in the city


Our 'Labour 4.0 Strategy' is endorsed by the following people and organisations.