Total Talent platform

The platform consists of 14 modules and serves all stakeholders in the Social Architecture: Individuals (Green), Employers (Blue), Education (Orange) and Partners (Grey). We have adopted an 'Open Source - Open Services' approach to build actionable services together with our partners.

Module 1

The is the center piece of the platform. Every user gets acces to his own The bio includes a personal profile, timeline, passion test, competency test, skills and interests. The bio can be linked with other social media like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Personal Vacancies

Module 2

Based on the results of the tests that are included in the, the algorithm selects vacancies that fit best the individual user. There is no need to search for vacancies anymore - vacancies find the best talents themselves.

Personal Learning Advice

Module 3 has developed an an algorithm that selects the right learning advice for the individual. Everybody is alerted to take action to grow and to stay agile.


Module 4

The chat module allows you to get in touch with relevant people like employers, recruiters, coaches or partners. All the history is automatically captured so that there is no need anymore to manage your e-mails. The whole process is fully encrypted to ensure maximum privacy.


Module 5

To add an organization, every user can click on the 'Organization' button in the top of the screen. Just click on 'Add organization' and follow the steps on the screen. In the 'Settings' you can adjust the competency library and all the e-mails that are send through the platform.

Job Profile

Module 6

A Job Profile is a description of a job in terms of Passion-profile and Competencies-profile. You will be guided through the process by the Job-Wizard. To make it easy for you, we have already 26.000 job descriptions readily in the database. You can use these templates for your own use for free.


Module 7

To add a Vacancy, go to the 'Organization' tab and click on: 'Add vacancy' in the Action Menu on the right. Fill in the blanks and publish the vacancy within two minutes. Vacancies are always based on a job description based on passion- and competency-test. This enables the platform to push relevant vacancies and it it allows very fast vacancy publication.

Select Applicants

Module 8

The selection of applicants is made very easy. Click on the 'Organization' tab and click on the 'Applicants'. You will get a new screen that shows all new applicants. You have access to the of each applicant. You can hand-over the applicant in the box: 'Reject', "Interview', 'Contract', and 'Hire'. Relevant process steps will follow after each action.

180 Degrees Feedback

Module 9

With  '180 Degrees Feedback', all of your employees will get access to this functionality. The employer and employees can fill in the competency test. After both have filled in the test, the other can see the result. For every competency there is personal learning advice to allow people to grow and to be more productive.


Module 10

The CRM Module is available for Partners only. The module allows the SupportersDesk to be managed properly. All activities of the Suppporters are managed through this module. management reports (like KPI-overview) are available instantly. 

Job Library

Module 11

The Job Library within comes with 26.000 job descriptions. We invite the crowd to add new functions and to add Passion-profiles and Competency-profiles to the library. The library is available for all users of for free. We believe that the better the demand is articulated, the better the selection and personal development processes can be managed.

Learning Library

Module 12

Every educational institute or organization can add learning items to the database. There is a Wizard available to guide you through the process. We have services available to import large libraries directly and we can help to tag the learning items for our customers.


Module 13

With the CMS Module, you can build your own website (including URL and your own brandname) on top of the technology. This module is (for the moment) only available for partners. 


Module 14

CockpitWork is our big data analysis tool. All of the data that is stored in is analyzed. We have ensured the highest standards for privacy. CockpitWork is part of a research program run by Prof. Henri de Groot from VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Open Source - Open Services is build on Open Sources. We have adopted an Open Services approach and invite partners to add value to our platform. We do not allow partners to advertise on the platform. We want to keep as clean as possible to support every stakeholder on the labor market to the max!