From installing rooftop solar equipment to developing AI, you'll find all the skills and qualifications you need at We've teamed up with universities and colleges to equip you with the tools to operate in the new economy.

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A diploma or certificate is not the end-point of your development - it is the starting-point.

Define your skills - You have skills. It is not easy to define them all. already made 14.000 skills available for you! Just add your occupations of the past end we'll fill in the skills. Easy!

Or even better, define your ‘Future Job’ and find out the skills needed. will generate personal learning advice. It is better to build a Career than to hunt for a Job.

Invite your employer for an Appraisal. Get a clear idea of what skills gap may arise. We supply you with learning advice of relevance. Instantly. Improve your skills and improve your earning capacity.

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We see a future where each person's growth contributes to a brighter, more inclusive world.

Your passion, strengths, skills and experience sets you apart. is the one place that sees the whole you, offering jobs that suit you, the skills you need and a path to get there.

We boost growth, sharpen skills and light up the journey of our users to excellence at scale and speed, ultimately mobilizing all talents and assets in participating Regions.


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